fbpx Elizabeth’s Sightline Story


Savannah’s Sightline Story

Lady holding mobile phone
Volunteering with Sightline has massively impacted my life for the better. I lost my job due to illness and needed to continue giving back so that’s when I decided to volunteer as a telephone befriender. It has given me hope back that I had lost. I look forward to my phone calls and organise things around when they take place; I hate to miss them…..

Tina’s Sightline Story

Eye of young girl with corneal opacity
I first realised something was wrong when I couldn’t see the colours when I was painting. At age 45 my vision was almost perfect so developing an eye condition was something I had to get used to as my sight deteriorated rapidly. I can see several shadows at once which move around a lot, it’s quite disorientating!

Jessica’s Sightline Story

Lady using a mobile phone
I joined Sightline as a Volunteer Telephone Befriender just over six months ago. I am now retired from nursing and was looking for a volunteering role that I could use some of the skills I have gained over the years. More importantly, as I now live on my own, I can understand how people with limited or no sight can become very isolated without interaction with other people…